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What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can mean many things, from pill to IV, and in many different concentrations. At Highland Dental Care we practice oral conscious sedation. We use pill form medication to help patients relax during their dental treatment. This provides the ideal level of relaxation for many patients who have dental anxiety.

Why choose conscious sedation?

Patients who have dental anxiety or a gag reflex can benefit greatly from being sedated. It can also reduce the number of visits required to complete treatment.

Conscious? But I want to be completely sedated.

We have chosen conscious sedation because it allows us the greatest margin of safety and patient relaxation currently available. Deeper levels of sedation carry a greater risk, and our number one priority is patient safety. Patients who wish to be completely sedated will need to be under the care of a specialist, or treated in a hospital. The medication used with conscious sedation has very strong amnesiac effects, meaning that most people remember little to nothing about their visit.

Who is a candidate?

Most people age 12 or older are a candidate for sedation, but people with certain medical conditions or allergies may not be a candidate for conscious sedation. A complete and current medical history is needed to determine candidacy.

What about after the appointment?

You will be dismissed to your companion via a wheelchair. For the rest of the day do not engage in any physical activity, use your phone, or engage in any financial contracts. The effects of the medication will continue for several hours after your appointment, resulting in a loss of physical coordination and memory.

What can I expect during the sedation?

Patients are given medications before the appointment. These medications start the sedation before the patient even arrives. Once the patient has been seated in the operatory we take a full hour to assess the patient and give more medication as needed. We only begin working once the patient is properly sedated and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a driver? A driver is absolutely required, as well as a companion to stay with you for the rest of the day.
Can I work the next day? Usually people are able to work the next day, however it varies patient to patient, and what procedures have been done.
What will I remember? Memories vary from person to person, but there is usually little to no memory of the appointment after the medication has worn off.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small, 99.9% pure titanium threaded post that is coated with growth factors to help the surrounding bone grow onto the implant. Different components can be placed on top to meet different needs.

Why choose an implant?

Implants are our best restorative option to replace missing or failing teeth, or as an option to help support dentures. As long as the threaded post remains in the bone, the upper portion can be modified to suit new or changing needs.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who has missing or failing teeth, or a denture that they would like to secure is a potential candidate for implants. The main requirement for implants is the presence of enough bone to secure the implant. We offer free consultations to anyone interested in implants, including a 3D scan to measure the amount of bone.

How long can I wait?

If you like to gamble, you can wait. From the time teeth are extracted the bone begins to recede. Without the necessary bone, implants may not be an option in the future, or may require costly grafting procedures if at all possible. So why wait?

I have been missing this tooth for a while and the space doesn’t bother me, why should I consider an implant?

Biting muscles have the same intensity when a tooth is missing. The same force that used to be spread out over all teeth is now being spread out over fewer teeth. While these effects may not be noticed early, over time they can lead to premature failure of other teeth, and possibly dentures.

What specialist do I need to see?

Hopefully none. Most implant procedures, including placement, are done here at Highland Dental Care. In some situations, a referral to a specialist may be required, but the majority of our implant procedures are performed in house.

How can implants benefit you?

· Protect surrounding teeth from wear and tear

· Enhance appearance

· Improve denture wear, fit, and function

· Restore the look and feel of natural teeth

· Increase quality of life

What about timeframe?

Timeframe can be highly variable and is case by case. Placing stress on an implant prematurely can cause the implant to fail, and failure costs much more time in the long run. At Highland Dental Care we are devoted to getting implants we place to be fully accepted by the body before we place any strain on them. We believe in selectively and accurately placing our implants to minimize our chance of complications. We use our 3D technology to ensure measurable results, and an instrument that tells us when the implant is ready to restore. We are devoted to our process as it has proven to produce the best results for our patients. We are more than willing to explain all options to the best of our ability so our patients understand fully and make the best educated decision about their dental care.


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